Propeller Repairs


With over 42 Years’ experience, M & J Engineering and Marine Sales “Propeller Repair Division” offer a complete and quality   “Complete Propeller Repair and Tunning  Service” to all brands of  fixed pitch and controllable pitch Marine propellers for all types Commercial Boat and Pleasure Boats.

Stainless Steel, Bronze , Aluminium,  Propeller repairs !

Our  3  Experienced Propeller Technicians have been fully trained in all types of Marine Propulsion repairs and tuning, from simple re-bushings to large diameter pitch changing to  custom propeller repairs.

We now use  3 x  MRI Propeller Scanning systems (from the USA ) designed  for comprehensive  pitch measurement /scanning repair process  up to 2mtr in Propeller Diameter !!!!!

2 x MRI Propeller scanning  systems  up to  80″ (over 2mtr  diameter )

1 x MRI Propeller scanning  systems   up to 30″ (over 750mm diameter)

M & J Engineering are proud to advise that we are now able to conduct ALBC3 Bronze Propeller (AL1784) welding repairs to Bureau Veritas Class Certification!!!!!!!

All our  MRI Systems are calibrated yearly  by Hale !

  “Schenck Dynamic Balancer

We can now Dynamic Balance  using the Schenck Dynamic Balancer system  up to 1.5mtr diameter for a variety of different applications including Propellers and jet impellers

Our Schenck Dynamic Balancer is  fully calibrated on annual basis by  their Certified  service technicians.   (Calibrated yearly by Balancing systems )

We offer an Australia Wide Propeller Repair Service!!!

You can count of M & J Engineering’s Propeller Repair Division are Specialists  for:

  • All General Propeller repairs to Bronze, Stainless steel, Aluminium Propellers. Includes   repairs  to – Volvo, Mercruiser , Yanmar, Yamaha and Suzuki propellers
  • Blade Straitening/ Blade cutting
  • Specialist Propeller Repairs
  • Performance Propeller pitch tunning
  • Re-Pitching and De-pitching Bronze propellers  up to 2mtr in Diameter.
  • Diameter reduction/cutting  to up to  2mtr in diameter propellers
  • MRI Propeller Scanning and Inspection Reports.
  • Class 1  & Class  S  tolerance  High Performance pitch  Tuning with the MRI Propeller scanning system.
  • Cupping (specialist cup sizes ) Cup Gauges used  on all cupping procedures.
  • Edge Cutting on Trailing edges
  • all types of blade  Welding – Bronze/ Aluminium/ Stainless steel
  • Dynamic Balancing  c/w  Analysis /Balance Inspection Reports
  • Static Balancing.
  • General Balancing.
  • Blade Polishing/ High Finish Blade Polishing
  • On site Inspections
  • Propeller Maintenance
  • Open Style  Propeller Repairs
  • Insurance Quotations / Repairs
  • Modifications
  • Kaplan/Nozzle Propeller Repairs
  • Sand Blasting.
  • Re-bushing.
  • Duo Prop-DPH/ IPS and Pod Drive Propeller Repairs.
  • Offering a Reliable and Quality Propeller Repair Service !
  • URGENT  Propeller Repairs – Fast Turnaround repairs  no problem  !!