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Nakashima  CNC CUT Marine Propellers!

Nakashima Corporation are one of the worlds largest manufacturers of “High Quality” CNC cut Bronze  Marine Propellers  up to  12mtr in diameter! Nakashima Propellers  are designed in Japan.

Nakashima’s Japanese’s Design Department develops high-performance and optimally designed  propellers by utilizing technologies accumulated over many years and performing fluid-structure analysis. In the production process, machine processing using special equipment is combined with the sensitivities and skills of our experienced craftsmen in order to precisely reproduce design data and produce high-quality CNC cut NACA style blade section  propellers.

The Nakashima Group   have established its unique built-to-order production process by applying all of these technologies in an optimal fashion while accumulating data in order to achieve even more advanced manufacturing.

Nakashima Propellers supply all types of bronze propellers, custom designed  for all Commercial type vessels to  Pleasure boats .Mono Hull  and Catamaran Boat  

High Speed Ferry Pilot Boat 

All style for   Fishing  Boats and  Trawler Boats

LANDING Barge  Propellers

 Pleasure  Boat Propellers

CNC CUT  NACA Blade Propellers are their Specialty!!!!

HIGH SKEW PROPS in OPEN Style & Kaplan style


3, 4 and 5 blade in all blades style available in custom and standard type blade areas !!


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