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Latest NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M&J Engineering & Marine Sales  are  Australia’s # 1  and largest  Importer of the USA manufactured  “Johnson Cutless bearing” .

“DXU “Duramax  shaft seals” , Duracoolers /Keel Cooling./ Fender Rubber and  general ” Duramax Marine products” Shaft Bearings !

M&J  offer over 30 year  Experience in supply and instillation of Johnson Cutlass Bearings and Duramax Marine Products.!!   Enquiry about bearing installation !

We stock a extensive range of Johnson Cutless Bearings in both  Naval Brass  and Non Metallic Shells  in Imperial and Metric sizes up to 5″ shaft size  for all Marine -Shaft and Pump applications.

See below our network   Australian Johnson bearing  Distributors -

Queensland -  Brian Rogers  at  email   

Jamie or Justin Lough  at   R&L Marine    email

NSW  –  DH Porter & Co    –     e-mail

Tasmania  :  contact Peter & Matthew Shedden at  Spectrum Engineering

Victoria , Northern Territory   distributors  are Coming Soon !!!!!!

Johnson Cutless BearingsPropeller Shaft Bearings Brass Cutlass Bearings – Metric & Imperial sizes available. Non Metallic Cutless Bearings – Metric & Imperial sizes available. Flanged Brass Cutless Bearings Pump Bearings Rudder Bearings Shaft Seal – DXU Type Shaft seals Fender Rubber Fender Systems Keel Cooling Demountable Keel Cooling Full ABS Certification included on the entire range of Johnson Bearings and DXU Shaft Seals  !!!!

Including: Click here for Johnson Cutless Sleeve & Flanged Bearing Cataloge Click here for Propeller Shaft Seal System Brochure email version Demountable Stave Bearing Click here for Duramax 490 Rudder Bushings Click here for LINERITE Brochure Click here for Duramax Ultra-X Compression Packing Click here for Duramax Marine Company Brochure Click here for Duramax Demountable Keel Cooler Brochure Click here for Duramax Commercial Dock Bumper Brochure Click here for DURACooler Brochure 2006 Click here for DURACooler brochure 2007 Click here for Dock Bumper Brochure 2007