Marine Products

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Celebrating over   “50” Years in the marine  business! 

Since 1969  M & J Engineering and Marine Sales supply a comprehensive range of  Underwater Driveline marine products for all Marine Applications nationally and globally  !

Whether you operate or own  a commercial vessel or require marine  products for your pleasure boat, we stock and  custom manufacture  high quality marine driveline components to suit a variety of vessel applications.

Propellers, Cutless bearings, Shaft Bearings , Shaft Seals, Rudder seals ,Propeller Shafts, Complete Rudder systems , Stern Tubes , Sea Strainers ,Marine Exhaust Mixers/systems ,Propeller Repairs , Anodes systems  ,complete packages , Pearl Shell Cleaning  ect.

You can rely on M & J Engineering for:

  • Duramax/Johnson  Marine ProductsAustralia’s largest importer of Australia’s # 1  Johnson Brass and Non Metallic based Cutless- Bearings, Rudder Bearings, Shaft seals, Fender Rubber products
  • Maritex  Aquarius Shaft & Rudder  Bearings
  • Marine Bearings /Cutlass Bearings general
  • Oil Shaft Bearings
  • Rudder Bearings
  • Pump Shaft Bearings
  • Stern Tube manufacture and service
  • Marine Engineering Products
  • Quikcutter Rope Cutter Systems
  • Rope Cutter Systems
  • Anodesshaft anodes, engine and hull type anodes
  • MPS Shaft Straps/Anode Systems
  • Polyflex Flexible Couplings 
  • Polyflex Engine Mounts
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Dura cooler , Demountable Keel Cooler systems
  • Aluminium Filler Caps & Stems
  • Aluminium Threaded Sockets
  • Volvo Aluminium/Bronze  Duo /IPS & Single Propellers
  • Volvo Propeller Bushes – Duo & Single
  • Volvo Shaft Seals
  • Duramax Shaft Seals
  • PSS Shaft seals/PSS Rudder seals
  • Propeller Nuts
  • Propeller Shafts
  • Propeller Repairs
  • Shaft Couplings
  • Coupling nuts
  • Mikado & Nakashima Propellers
  • Fiberglass Rope and Flat Lagging
  • Bronze Scoop Strainers
  • Gland Packing Marine Grade
  • John Crane Shaft Seals
  • Bronze and Aluminium Winch Fingers
  • Winch Coiler Drive Belts
  • Sea Strainers
  • Cutless Bearings
  • Keel Coolers